Tartan Pines Dinner Group
Meets every other Wednesday. Contact Kathleen Ferrell at 334-406-0049 or email for more information.
Ladies Book Club
Anyone wishing to receive information should contact Barbara Veneziano at

Tartan Pines Dinner Group
Meets every other Wednesday. Contact Jessica at events@thebridgesattartanpines for more information.
The Bridges at Tartan Pines
Click the link below to view the Bar & Grill Menu

This is a friendly reminder that yard waste must be placed on street curbs, not in front of storm drains.  Additionally, you can take yard waste to the grinding site located on East Drive (off Coppinville Road). The grinding site is for City of Enterprise residents only, and you’ll need to obtain a permit from the Public Works Department before using it.

For additional information regarding waste, including the schedule, please refer to the city's website:

Upcoming Events:

Volunteer Flag Detail Coordinator Needed
Mrs. Linda Gordon has stepped back from coordinating the flag detail for the neighborhood, so we need a new volunteer to take over. Please let Chris Carlile know if you can take on this very important role. TP is one of the few HOAs that continues to show our patriotism and love for country by placing flags out for each federal holiday. Thank you!

Landscape Committee News
The Landscape Committee, headed by Debbie Austin, is leading the way with Mr. Carr's addition in repairing irrigation lines to the Turnberry Entrance and replacing shrubbery from the construction that will complement the new addition and entry into Tartan Pines.

Fencing on Rosemount
The fencing that has rotted and fallen down on the west end of Rosemount is in the process of being repaired.  The fence will be stained using the same color as the remaining fencing.

Large-Sized Mailboxes are Approved!
  The architectural committee has collectively approved black     T3-sized mailboxes.  You are NOT required to replace yours,   but if you've been wanting to do so, you can install the larger   one if needed. The US Postal Service recommends these larger boxes to discourage "porch pirates." 
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